About two years ago I got a chromebook and started using it as my daily driver. I would use it all day during class and come home with enough charge to last me until bed time. There were some days where I forgot to charge it the night before and it was still able to get me through most of the day.

I used a somewhat crude combination of Google Drive and Github for all my school work. It wasn’t perfect but it worked for me. Using crouton I was also able to get ubuntu running on this little wonder so I could complete my C++ assignments on it without relying on my Windows desktop. For no particular reason, my professor at the time prefered assignments be done on a Windows machine with Visual Studio or on a Mac with XCode.

Unfortunatly, shortly after setting up Ubuntu, and maximiseing my productivity my trusty Chrombook suffered from an accedent that rendered it unusable.

RIP Chromebook

Fast forwarding to the present, I’m using a Windows laptop with a 2nd gen i7 and Windows 10 technial preview for all my school/work/play needs, but I still miss my chomebook. Since I have such a capable (but bulky) laptop I haven’t been able to justify spending my precious money on another Chromebook until now.

Enter, Cloud9 an online IDE that gives you small but capable Ubuntu vm and a beautiful inferface. I was able to create an account using my GitHub credentials, clone the repo containing my blog and start making this post. It’s amazingly convient and it allows me to work on whatever I want in my own personal workspace that I control. All in the cloud.

Very cool stuff.

Jordan Rasmussen

Student, Developer, Builder